When the interviews are finished, we'll collate all applicants' scores to produce a single ranking.

We'll then make offers based on ranking and preferencing.

The offer process

Offers will be based upon your rank and preference. The allocation to a training unit will depend on the ranking you achieve as a result of your virtual interview performance and validated self-assessment score.

You will be given 48 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays in which to accept, hold or reject an offer. Once all offers have been accepted, the details of the successful applicants will be sent to the regions with the vacancies.


We'll send individual feedback to all candidates through the digital scoring system usually no later than 1 week following the national offer deadline.

This will include your interview and self-assessment score and any written assessor comments.


Any further enquiries should be made to [email protected].


For more information visit the Dental specialty training offers and feedback page.

Page last reviewed: 5 September 2023

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