Recruitment to Paediatric Dentistry Training posts across England and Scotland takes place through a national selection process led by a team based in the East Midlands.


Before beginning your application, you should check whether you're eligible to apply against the relevant person specification for post-Certificate of Completion of specialty training (CCST), which you can find on the Dental specialty training person specifications page.

It's very important that you complete your application in full and include all relevant information for each section.

How to apply

An advert will appear on Oriel on Tuesday 9 January 2024.

You can only apply for these posts using the Oriel online application system.

Please visit Oriel to register and apply.

You can apply to 2 vacancy types: ST1 or ST4. The level of post will depend on how many years of previous training you've previously undertaken.

Applications open at 10am (UK local time) on Thursday 11 January 2024.

Applications close at 4pm (UK local time) on Thursday 1 February 2024.

Late applications will not be accepted.

It's very important that you complete your application in full and include all relevant information for each section.

For more important dates during the recruitment process, go to the timeline page.

To find out more about ST1 training visit the ST1 pages.


Find out more about using Oriel on the using Oriel to apply and preference page.

Communication between Health Educaiton England (HEE) and you will be done via email or through your Oriel account. You should check your email and Oriel account regularly so you do not miss vital information about your application.

You should also check your spam or junk folders in case any messages have been filtered by your email provider. Do not contact anyone else apart from [email protected] for recruitment information.

References and pre-employment checks

Health Education England (HEE) will contact your referees only if you accept an offer.

We'll ask for references through Oriel. We'll ask you to provide the details of 3 referees on your online application. References will be shared with the local region or employer before you commence employment.

All other pre-employment checks will be carried out by the local region or employer before you commence employment. Any training post offers will be made subject to satisfactory references and completion of pre-employment checks.

Recruitment for academic posts

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Academic Clinical Fellows (ACFs) and Clinical Lecturers (CLs) will be recruited locally and will be expected to participate in the national recruitment process for clinical benchmarking at pre- or post-CCST level as part of the selection process. 

Read more about Integrated Academic Training on the NIHR website.


For more information visit the dental specialty training applying page.

Deferred entry

Deferment can only be considered on statutory grounds such as maternity, paternity, adoption leave, or personal ill health, as stated in the Dental Gold Guide. Deferment for any other reason will not be permitted.

Applicants with a disability

If you require reasonable adjustments due to a disability, you will be able to provide information on the application form.

You must tell us that you require reasonable adjustments in advance on the application form. There will be no opportunity to declare a need for reasonable adjustments after applications close unless there is a change in your circumstances.

You will be asked to upload evidence to support your request. For example, if you have dyslexia you will need to provide your educational psychology report. 

If you have a disability, you are also able to request consideration for an interview under the Disability Confident scheme if you meet the essential eligibility criteria. You must inform us that you're requesting an interview under this scheme in advance through the application process by providing information on the application form. 

Page last reviewed: 3 October 2023

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