Vacancies and preferencing Paediatric Dentistry ST1 recruitment

We'll let applicants know about available posts after the closing date and before interviews are held.

Important: Important

There have previously been low numbers of post-Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training (post-CCST) applications. Should any post-CCST vacancies be left unfilled after this round of interviews, these posts may be converted to pre-CCST level training and offered accordingly.

This will be subject to the local dean approval and appropriate Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) advice on the relevant training plan or plans. You may wish to consider this when making your application.

Available posts

Eligible applicants will be invited to preference available posts prior to offers being issued. Offers will then be made on the basis of combined self assessment and interview score.

Posts can sometimes be withdrawn prior to offer and it is also possible for posts to be added at very short notice. As national recruitment is only held once a year, we can continue to offer any new posts that may have been added during the 2023 national recruitment round to our ranked list of appointable candidates. 


Non-urgent advice: Paediatric Dentistry (ST1) Specialty Training posts 2023

View all Paediatric Dentistry (ST1) Specialty Training posts available for the 2023 recruitment round from across the UK.

Indicative numbers

Region Indicative number Link to job description
East Midlands tbc  
East of England tbc  
Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) tbc  
London tbc  
North East tbc  
North West tbc


Northern Ireland tbc  
Scotland tbc  
South West tbc  
Thames Valley and Wessex tbc  
Wales tbc  
West Midlands tbc


Yorkshire and the Humber tbc  

Page last reviewed: 30 September 2022

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