Recruitment timeline Paediatric Dentistry ST1 recruitment

The application process for Paediatric Dentistry Specialty Training posts begins in January 2023. We’ll make offers at the end of May.

Important: Key dates

Round 1 Oriel adverts for new posts commencing from September 2023 appear on Tuesday 10 January 2023, with applications opening at 10am on Thursday 12 January 2023.

Eligble applicants will be notified through Oriel of the posts available in this round. This will happen after the application closing date.

This round of recruitment is for posts that start in September 2023. All times are in UK local time (GMT or BST).


Oriel adverts appear

Date: Tuesday 10 January 2023
Link: Oriel

Applications open

Date: Thursday 12 January 2023
Time: 10am


Applications close

Late applications will not be accepted.

Date: Thursday 2 February 2023
Time: 4pm

Self assessment evidence uploading opens

Date: Thursday 16 February 2023

Self assessment evidence uploading closes

Date: Friday 24 February 2023


Self assessment evidence review

Dates: Monday 27 February to Friday 10 March 2023

Self assessment feedback and appeals

Dates: Tuesday 14 March to Wednesday 29 March 2023


Virtual interviews

Date: Wednesday 17 May 2023

Offers released

Date: No later than Thursday 25 May 2023

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Next review due: 24 December 2021

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