How we shortlist applicants varies across specialty, but we often ask applicants to complete self assessment forms as part of the process.

In shortlisting, applications are scored according to their content, for example applicants’ experience, achievements, qualifications and so on. The scoring systems used are based upon the nationally-agreed person specification.

Not all dental recruitment processes use shortlisting.

Self assessment form

Some Specialty Training recruitment uses a self assessment form as part of the shortlisting process.

Responses to the self assessment questions on the application form will be validated using the evidence submitted alongside the application and will determine the shortlisting score. Applicants are asked to upload self-assessment evidence onto the Self Assessment Portal.

Applicants will receive instructions on what documents to upload from recruitment offices of the specialties they applied to. Guidance explaining how to upload evidence on the Self Assessment Portal can be found on the Portal. There are also some FAQs on Oriel.

Enquiries about the Self Assessment Portal

If you have any questions after reading the guidance and the FAQs, get in touch with us by starting a chat with Portia, our virtual assistant on the SA Portal, or through email at [email protected].


For some specialties there are a limited number of interview slots available and due to some high competition ratios, not all applicants can be invited to interview.

For more information, go to the interviews page.

Scoring schemes

Where applicable, details of the scoring scheme should be made available to applicants.

Where shortlisting takes place applications that pass the eligibility checks will go ahead to be scored. The top-scoring applicants will be invited to interview or assessment. Typically, more applicants will be invited to interview than the number of posts available.


Due to the large volume of applicants, some recruitment offices will only contact applicants if they are being invited to interview. However, the lead recruiter will send shortlisting feedback to all applicants within 7 working days of the interview date.

Applicants who are unsuccessful at the shortlisting stage, will receive feedback from the lead recruiter.

This will consist of:

  • applicant’s shortlisting score and/or rank
  • maximum possible shortlist score
  • shortlist score and/or rank required to be invited to interview


Where applicants feel that their application has not been managed correctly and have evidence of a failure in the process, there is a national complaints procedure.

Applicants should contact the specialty Recruitment Office if they have any concerns about their application or would like to know more about the complaint’s procedure.

Page last reviewed: 21 December 2021