You are able to make a complaint which falls within the Medical and Dental Recruitment Selection (MDRS) Complaints Policy

If you wish to raise concerns about any part of the recruitment process, you should forward these in confidence to the Medical and Dental Recruitment Selection (MDRS) team via email [email protected].

This would include, but would not be limited to, information about applicants who have fraudulently completed their application forms and provided false competence documents.

This would not include personal complaints about the recruitment process that fall outside the scope of the MDRS complaints policy.

Concerns raised without detail are difficult to investigate, due to the volume of applications received. You are therefore advised to provide the specialty and, where applicable, the applicants concerned.

Any information provided will be treated in the utmost confidence.

Page last reviewed: 11 August 2023
Next review due: 11 August 2024

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