It’s important to make sure you’re familiar with the ID you need to bring and the admissions policy.

Admission policy

You should arrive at the test centre 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will give you time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. 

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you may be refused admission. 

You may not take personal items into the testing room. This includes:

  • bags
  • books
  • notes
  • phones
  • pagers
  • watches
  • wallets 

You will be requested to store these in a standard sized locker made available to you at the test centre. The test centre is unable to store oversized items.

Children are not permitted at any of the test centres.

Identification (ID) requirements 

You’ll need to bring one form of original government-issued ID to the test centre for admittance. Your ID:

  • must not be expired
  • must not be a photocopy or digital ID
  • must include your name, photograph and signature
  • must exactly match the first and last name on your Oriel account

You can view the full ID policy, including any additional allowances to this policy on the Pearson VUE website.

Important: Important

If your first name and/or last name on your Oriel profile does not match your ID exactly, you must update it in the "My Profile" section on Oriel.

The updates will, where relevant, filter down into any of your in-progress or submitted applications as well as any new applications you start. The updates will also be automatically transferred to Pearson VUE.

Alternative ID documents or name mismatches

If you’re unable to present any of the documents listed in the Pearson VUE ID policy, you must email [email protected] as soon as possible for further advice.

If you practise in a different name to the name on your ID - for example, if you practise in your maiden name and your ID is in your married name - it may not be appropriate for you to update your name on your Oriel profile to match your ID. If these circumstances or similar apply to you, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible for further advice.

If you do not adhere to this guidance on alternative ID and name mismatches, you will not be permitted entry to sit the Situational Judgement Test (SJT).

Breaks and refreshments 

You cannot take food and drink into the test room unless this has been pre-approved as a reasonable adjustment for a medical reason. You may leave the test room for a comfort break, but no additional time will be allowed in your test. If you wish to leave the room, you must ask the invigilator.

You will not be allowed to eat whilst in the test centre or access any personal belongings placed in your locker.

Comfort aids

Pearson VUE lists a number of medicines, medical and mobility devices as comfort aids, which do not require pre-approval as an accommodation or reasonable adjustment by the DCT National Recruitment Office (DCTNRO). 

The items listed will be allowed in the testing room after visual inspection by test centre staff. Visual inspection will be done by examining the item without directly touching it (or the applicant) and without asking the applicant to remove the item, unless otherwise stated in the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List.

Page last reviewed: 14 August 2023
Next review due: 14 August 2024

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