If you're longlisted, you'll be invited to upload evidence through the self assessment portal.

Shortlisting will be determined by the score of your self assessment form.

After you've submitted your application


If you are not longlisted you'll be provided with the reasons for this.


You will be shortlisted using their validated self assessment score with the highest scoring applicants being invited to attend an interview.

Shortlisting is a method of reducing the field to a manageable number of applicants. Being unsuccessful at shortlisting does not affect subsequent applications.

Please note, there is a minimum self-assessment benchmark score required, in order to be eligible to proceed to the interview stage. You must score a minimum of 20 out of a possible 42 in the self-assessment questions. Scoring below this threshold will mean you are not be eligible to be invited to an interview and your application will be updated as ‘shortlist unsuccessful’ when shortlisting is processed and will be notified accordingly.

If you are an academic applicant applying for clinical benchmarking purposes, you will be invited to the interview regardless of your shortlisted score. However, if scoring below the required threshold, you will not be eligible to receive a clinical post offer, meaning you will only be provided with a clinical benchmark score outcome in order to take up your academic post offer.

Please read the self assessment section for more information.

For more information visit the Dental specialty training shortlisting page.

Page last reviewed: 28 June 2023

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