Recruitment to Prosthodontics training posts across the UK takes place through a national selection process led by a team based in the North West.

Application is through the Restorative Dentistry national vacancy in Oriel.

Important: Eligibility

Before beginning your application, you should check whether you're eligible to apply against the relevant person specification, which you can find here

It's very important that you complete your application in full and include all relevant information for each section.


Applications will be assessed against the eligibility criteria both during longlisting and after offers where necessary.

Any applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria will be longlisted out of the process and will not progress to the next stage. 

By allowing applicants to progress to the interview stage, Health Education England (HEE) does not accept or confirm that applicants meet all eligibility requirements.

This includes immigration status, evidence of achievement of core competencies or equivalent, and requisite length of time in training as per the national 2023 person specification. This list is not exhaustive and is applicable to all eligibility criteria.

How to apply

Applications will only be accepted through the Oriel recruitment system. For further guidance on creating an account, registering and submitting your application using the system please refer to the Oriel Applicant User Guide which can be downloaded from the Oriel Resource Bank.

Completing your application 

The application form for Restorative Dentistry (including Mono Specialties) will open at 10am UK time on Thursday 12 January 2023. Use the Vacancy Search tool to navigate to the national Restorative Dentistry vacancy and click Apply

NB. There is only one application form, available under the national Restorative Dentistry vacancy, which applies to Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

Please complete all sections of the application form in full before submitting it.

Once you have submitted your application, the only sections you will be able to change are your personal details and your referee details. 

Application deadline

The deadline for submitting applications is at 4pm UK time on Thursday 2 February 2023.

After this time no applications will be accepted. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

You are advised to complete and submit your application at least 24 hours ahead of the deadline to allow for any unforeseen problems. 

When you submit your application, you should receive an automatic confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within 2 hours you should check to ensure that you have successfully submitted your application. 

Academic benchmarking 

If you have applied for local Restorative Dentistry / Endodontics / Periodontics / Prosthodontics Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) vacancies at ST1 or above and require clinical benchmarking, you must complete a National ST1 Restorative Dentistry application and be deemed appointable at interview. 

For more information about clinical benchmarking and the ACF process, go to the Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) page.

Important: Important

Communication between HEE and applicants will be by email or through your Oriel account. You should check your email and Oriel account regularly so you do not miss vital information about your application.

You should also check your spam or junk folders in case any messages have been filtered by your email provider. Do not contact anyone else apart from [email protected] for recruitment information.

General Dental Council (GDC) registration 

Applicants will need to be eligible for full General Dental Council (GDC) registration status by the time of appointment (in most cases this will be Friday 1 September 2023). You will be asked to confirm that you will meet this requirement on your application form. Any offers made will be subject to you meeting this requirement by the time of appointment. 

Applicants with disabilities 

If you have a disability which may require specific arrangements or adjustments to enable you to attend an interview please indicate this on your application form and contact [email protected] to discuss your requirements. 

Career progression and experience 

You must provide a complete employment history going back to completion of your primary dental degree on your application form.

If you are in a rotational training programme, please also list posts that you are due to rotate to up until the end of August 2023 or until completion of your Core Training programme if this is later.

You must provide an explanation for employment gaps of more than 4 weeks. 

Trainees released or removed from a training post or programme 

Specialty Training posts and programmes are not normally available to anyone who has previously relinquished or been released or removed from a training post or programme in the same specialty. When applying for a post you will be asked if you have previously relinquished or been released or removed from a training programme in the specialty to which you are applying. 

If you answer "yes" to this question, you'll need to upload a completed “Support for Reapplication to a Specialty Training Programme - Exclusion Policy Support Form” to your application no later than the application deadline. This form can be downloaded from here

Trainees applying to continue training in a different region 

Applicants who are currently undertaking a specialty training programme (and who have a National Training Number), who are reapplying to continue their training in a different region must declare this on their application form.  

If you are reapplying to continue your training in a different region, you must also upload a completed “Support for Reapplication of Specialty Training in a Different Region - Support Form” to your application no later than the application deadline. This form can be downloaded from here

Applicants on the Specialist Register 

You are not eligible to apply if you already hold, or are eligible to hold a Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training (CCST) in Restorative Dentistry. You are not eligible to apply if you are currently on the specialist register in any EU member state.

Immigration/right to work 

You must have the right to work as a dentist in training in the UK. Your application will be assessed based on your immigration status at the time of application. 

Applicants requiring visa sponsorship in order to take up a post are eligible to apply.

For more information go to the Right to work in the UK page.

Criminal records and Fitness to Practice 

The application form contains a Criminal Records and Fitness to Practice Declaration.

If you answer "Yes" to any of the questions on this page you must fully complete and submit a separate Fitness to Practise Declaration Form.

This must be received no later than 4pm UK time on Thursday 2 February 2023. 

This form is available from the Oriel Resource Bank and must be emailed to [email protected]. Use the subject line "CONFIDENTIAL – Restorative Dentistry".

Both declarations and any information provided in relation to them will be kept securely and in confidence, and access to it will be restricted to designated persons within the Recruitment Office and other persons who need to see it as part of the selection process and who are authorised to do so. 

If you are successfully appointed to a training post, this information will be passed to designated persons in the HEE local office or deanery which will be responsible for your training and subsequently to your employing organisation and any organisations through which you rotate as part of the training programme. 

No information relating to your declaration form will be made available to any members of the selection panel at any time during the recruitment process. 

Applying for less than full-time training (LTFT)

Trainees may train on a less than full-time (LTFT) basis for a variety of well-founded reasons. Refer to the Dental Gold Guide for more information about less than full time training. 

All posts offered through this recruitment process will be offered as full time posts.

If you intend to request less than full-time training you can indicate this in the relevant section on the application form.  

If offered a training programme you will need to apply separately for a deferred start date through the local office/area where you are offered a post. You will only be able to apply for less than full time training once you have accepted a full time post. 

The final decision about less than full-time training will be made by the HEE local office or deanery which will be responsible for your training according to their local LTFT policies.

Page last reviewed: 30 September 2022

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