Situational Judgement Test (SJT) Dental Foundation Training (DFT) applicant guide

The assessment process is made up of one mandatory part - the Situational Judgement Test (SJT).

You will be required to sit the 105-minute assessment at a Pearson Vue Driving Test Centre between 8 November 2022 – 16 November 2022. You will be able to self-book a time and venue within this window which is convenient to you (subject to availability).

Further information regarding this will be sent on 27 September 2022.

A formal notification, inviting applicants to the SJT will be sent on the 27 September 2022.

If you do not attend the SJT, you will be unable to progress.

Virtual interviews

There will no virtual interviews for the 2022/2023 recruitment period.


You may be asked to provide certain documentation as part of the recruitment process such as evidence of the right to work in the UK. Failure to provide the required documentation may result in you not being assessed.

If you have any concerns over their ability to provide the required documents, you should make contact with the Dental Foundation National Recruitment Office via the online portal.

After the SJT

The scores of all applicants will be centrally collated to produce a single national ranking based upon the scores from the SJT.

Your total score is made up of 100% of your score equalling your mark on the SJT.

In the event of tied ranks, there are a number of pilot questions included in the SJT which are not used to determine your SJT score but will be used for the purposes of breaking ties. The pilot questions do not lengthen the duration of the SJT test. If the pilot questions do not then break the ties, the scores across the 4 domains assessed in the SJT will be used to break ties.

Case study

Case study: Tied ranks

Luisa and Farid both had a total weighted SJT score of 82.5. However, Luisa answered 5 out of 6 pilot questions correctly whereas Farid answered 6 out of 6 pilot questions correctly. This means that Farid would rank above Louisa in the overall national ranking as he answered more pilot questions correctly.

Page last reviewed: 8 September 2022