It is important that you prepare for your interview before your interview date.

Important: Important

If you do not comply with the guidance on this page you may be disqualified from the recruitment process.

You will be provided with a briefing before your interview day. 

For your interview, you'll need a working computer as well as photo identification (ID) to confirm your identity.


You will be provided with a briefing before your interview day. Please make sure you review this.

Testing your computer

You should make sure you test Qpercom Recruit on your computer prior to the day of the interview.

On the day of the interview, please allow yourself plenty of time to get the computer you will be using set up and tested.


Find out how to test Qpercom Recruit on your computer before your interview.

Photo ID

You’ll need appropriate photographic identification to hand to show at the beginning of the interview.

Applicant declaration

You should fulfil all the other requirements for the online interviews outlined in the Dental Recruitment Applicant Declaration, which you will have agreed at the time of your application on Oriel.

Other devices and programmes

You will not be permitted any computers or devices other than the one you are using for the interview in the room with you. 

You must close all programmes other than Qpercom on the computer or device you'll be using for the interview.

Devices that have been pre-approved as a reasonable adjustment will be allowed.

Dress code 

We expect applicants to dress in a professional manner for the interview. 

Conflicts of interest

We’ll provide panellists with a list of names of applicants they're due to interview. They’ll have the opportunity to raise any conflicts of interest prior to the day of the interview.

A conflict of interest could be that you have a relationship outside of the working environment, for example, a family member or partner. Alternative arrangements will be made, where possible.

If it’s not possible to make alternative arrangements, it may be possible for a lay representative or another appropriate observer to sit in on the interview. 

Interviews, courses, websites and books 

The Dental Core Training National Recruitment Office (DCTNRO) and the UK Committee of Postgraduate Deans and Directors COPDEND do not recommend that you book commercial courses, sign up to websites or purchase advice and guidance books specifically aimed at dentists undertaking the Dental Core Training (DCT) selection process.

None of the DCT panellists or members of the DCT Recruitment Steering Group take part in or endorse any preparation courses, websites or books. 

The DCTNRO considers the sharing of questions post-interview to be wholly unacceptable. You'll be required to complete a non-disclosure agreement as part of the application form on Oriel to protect participants and the integrity of the process.

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