Joint Dental Foundation Core Training (JDFCT) is a 2-year longitudinal programme.

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At the moment, JDFCT programmes are only available in the North East and Yorkshire and the Humber. Programmes are currently being piloted in other parts of England.


JDFCT is a longitudinal programme combining primary and secondary care. The primary (DFT) and secondary (DCT) care placements take place over 2 years, with rotations equally split between the placements. It combines 1 year of Dental Foundation Training (DFT) and 1 year of Dental Core Training (DCT). It’s sometimes known as DFTDCT or General Professional Training (GPT).


Elibility requirements for JDFCT are the same as DFT. To be eligible for JDFCT, you must:

  • have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • be eligible to join the General Dental Council
  • be eligible for an NHS Performer number by the start of training

If you do not fulfil these criteria, you will not be able to take up the post.


The JDFCT allowance is set through the General Dental Services Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions issued annually by the Department of Health.


For detailed information about pay and conditions, visit NHS Employers.

How and when to apply

You apply for JDFCT in the same way you apply for Dental Foundation Training (DFT).

We’ll release the advert, application form, person specification and applicant guide at midday on Tuesday 8 August 2023 on Oriel.

Applications will close at midday on Tuesday 5 September 2023. 


To find out about how to apply and the recruitment timeline, visit the Applying for Dental Foundation Training page.

What can JDFCT lead to?

After finishing JDFCT, you can consider applying for Dental Core Training 2 (DCT2).

Completing DCT2 can then lead to Dental Core Training 3 (DCT3) and even Specialty Training.

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